Urgent need to help Harrison Christian School!

We are writing to you as a plea to help get the word out about the financial crisis at Harrison Christian School in Harrison Ohio. We hope that after reading this letter, you will find it in your heart to help us.

Harrison Christian School has been a part of the Southwest Local School District and surrounding community since its founding in 1984 and has served the children of over 70 different congregations.

  • We are an interdenominational Christian school, not teaching the doctrine of a specific church.
  • Our students consistently score high on national academic achievement tests.
  • We offer standard academic courses, computer lab, physical education and fine arts along with bible study, prayer and pledges in the classroom.
  • Our students participate in athletics and all school musical programs.
  • Our small class sizes at allow our teachers to thoroughly know the learning styles of each student and meet their individual needs. Yet, they are big enough to have a great group of peers.
We have a campus that includes daycare and the school, the children have experience a well-rounded social atmosphere and faith based education. Through its existence, the school has been self-reliant through the support of parents, the founding church and the teachers providing the great experience for our children. We have worked very hard, for many years, to offer a solid foundation at a price that families can afford and have participated in state programs to assist those who may not be able to. However, for the last several years it has seen a decline in enrollment from 120 to 95, due to several factors, and has finally reached a financial impasse which will force its closing without additional support.

As previously noted, our children consistently rate high on national achievement tests and get the rich experience of a personalized learning experience. We currently have 95 students in preschool through sixth grades. With our smaller class sizes, they are able learn at a pace that permits the inclusion of programs no longer being offered in several grades at local schools. Our children build an academic foundation, based on values and rooted in faith.

We are proud to say the pledge of allegiance in our classrooms and show our children the benefits of helping others. Our recent trip to Mathew 25 ministries and currently taking part in the Soles to Souls program, which provides shoes to children in Central America, reinforce the values being taught every day at the school.

The teachers and staff at Harrison Christian School have remained positive throughout the last several years, regardless of being asked to forgo their pay on several occasions. Their dedication comes with the love for the children and much personal sacrifice. Without them, and their positive attitudes, we would not have such a wonderful environment to foster our children’s education. It is the message of helping others that has proven true with our educators and we would appreciate being able to return that lesson by helping our teachers.

Our teachers have been part of the community for most of their lives and have had a positive impact on so many. The children they have taught have gone on to become professionals in many career fields and raised their families based on the lessons they learned from these educators.

This financial crisis has forced us to go without hot lunches for our students, scale back on activities and in room supplies. It has also forced us to ask our teachers to hold on their compensation, which is an unacceptable way to thank them for their dedication. We fear that we will not be able to complete this year and will have to disrupt the lives of our children by forcing them to leave their beloved school before the year completes. We know our teachers are working hard, despite their sacrifice, to ensure we complete the year and deserve support.

We need financial assistance to complete the year. Our fundraising efforts have not met the needs of our school and we are looking for assistance from area businesses and communities to help us continue the mission of Harrison Christian School to inspire students with a desire for knowledge, wisdom, and a biblical worldview evidenced by character, leadership, service, and worship.

Any assistance for our Non-Profit School is greatly appreciated and urgently needed. For more information, or to make a donation, please contact the school at:

Harrison Christian School
949 Harrison Avenue
Harrison, Ohio 45030
P: (513) 367-6100

Email our principal Rich Friedmann : rfriedmann@harrisonchristian.org

Visit our website: http://www.HarrisonChristian.org

Donations may also be made at any 5/3 Bank location.

Thank you and God Bless.